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ASSITEJ South Africa exists to develop a sustainable performing arts industry to encourage the creation of new work for the benefit of young audiences. With the support of the National Arts Council, ASSITEJ SA will be on the road this January, meeting with theatre-makers, performers, schools, teachers and principals, in open forum discussions to be held in Durban and Bloemfontein on 20 and 22 January, respectively.

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  • Panties on the Line
    I have been in a bit of a creative hiatus for a while so when I saw a friend’s Facebook status this morning I decided to use it as a writing prompt and I wrote this short story. I am going to challenge myself to write something every day. Let’s see how I go. Panties […]
  • Of South Africa and Cape Town and me, and the things we don’t really say
      I have so many thoughts flying through my brain that I have no idea how to order them. I know I want to write about this stuff but I am all over the place, so I thought I would start with a photo I took yesterday, on the pavement across the road from The […]
  • A few things Improv
    On Sunday I performed some improv in Jozi with people I had never actually even met before. I was cheeky enough to invite myself to play with the Jittery Citizens who do a monthly stint at Kippies at The Market Theatre. We played Armando, to a tiny audience that included my very vocal nephews (who adored […]
  • My Heart of longing, place and being
    Every time I come to Jozi I have a small internal tug-o-war. I love this city of my birth and growth, almost as much as I am deeply rattled by it. I have written about this before. I love my family and friends here, and it is a different love from my close and loved […]
  • Tupperware Party
    Hi Michelle I am writing you this email because you never replied to my whatsapps and smses, and you don’t pick up when I phone you even though I know you can see my name and number and I know you are furious with me but how can I say sorry if you won’t let […]

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