ASSITEJ South Africa exists to develop a sustainable performing arts industry to encourage the creation of new work for the benefit of young audiences. With the support of the National Arts Council, ASSITEJ SA will be on the road this January, meeting with theatre-makers, performers, schools, teachers and principals, in open forum discussions to be held in Durban and Bloemfontein on 20 and 22 January, respectively.

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  • Orpheus in Africa – a triumph of spirit and intention
    Last night I had a profound experience at the theatre (The Fugard) and what was doubly surprising about it was that it was a musical (I hate musicals), and it was one I thought I had seen before; David Kramer’s Orpheus in Africa. This not the same one I saw at the beginning of the […]
  • Improv Explosion – Double Bill
    Not gonna lie, after 24 years of improvising it is hard to get my people freshly excited about something I am doing. I keep having fun though, almost every week of my life, but self promotion is becoming more and more of a challenge. My Facebook friends are sick of the weekly invites to our […]
  • Help me understand your shock and amazement America
    I woke up this morning to the news that another psycho with a gun had gone mad and killed ten people (and wounded many others) on a college campus in America. I get most of my news in 140 characters on  Twitter, and this time I didn’t even go to an article to find out […]
  • The Regular Visitor
    It started a while back. The small furries of the house would get antsy. The dogs would pitter patter down the passage to the open front door, and back, look at me with ‘help us’ eyes, and then start back to the door. The cats would sit on the threshold; Chassie doing that weird jaw […]
  • Black love is not White hate
    It started out as something Someone wrote on Facebook A status update Intended to be profound For a moment. A cleverness. An idea For a meme.   And tide-like they swept The comments below, The wave of unease Over sharp pebbles of rage Where black and white Can only ever be people Whose common red […]

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