ASSITEJ South Africa exists to develop a sustainable performing arts industry to encourage the creation of new work for the benefit of young audiences. With the support of the National Arts Council, ASSITEJ SA will be on the road this January, meeting with theatre-makers, performers, schools, teachers and principals, in open forum discussions to be held in Durban and Bloemfontein on 20 and 22 January, respectively.

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  • Sunday
    It’s a Sunday evening and I’ve had a gin and tonic. Earlier we sat on the stoep and brushed four out of five animals (the fifth had been brushed earlier and was asleep on the bed). I cannot explain the calm happiness that filled me. I went with my friend to choose a kitty from […]
  • Facebroek
    It is confession time, and it’s not funny. I am addicted to Facebum. I can’t help myself. I detest it and cannot live without it. I make up the worst excuses about why I need it; networking you know, publicity for my work, the best way to support my causes, to express my point of […]
  • Acting
    These are just a few thoughts, because I am deeply in love with my current cast, who are busy performing an industrial theatre roadshow , and I am reminded how extraordinary actors can and should be, when they are the real deal. And, I consider myself an actor of sorts, an actor amongst other things, […]
  • Falling in love on a Thursday
    Today was an unusual day to fall in love. Everybody else in the world seemed busy complaining, or criticising (at least that’s what it looked like on Facebum and Twitterer), and there was a lot of mourning going on too; Jonah Lomu replaced Paris, but was quickly replaced by Nigeria (the world and its people […]
  • Hello Megan’s Head
    It really has been a while since I wrote a blog post. In my defence, after a particularly sluggish year, this last few weeks has been intensely busy. I have been working and travelling (and also procrastinating on some important personal work) and jolling around Jozi, and being a director of plays (one of my […]

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