ASSITEJ South Africa exists to develop a sustainable performing arts industry to encourage the creation of new work for the benefit of young audiences. With the support of the National Arts Council, ASSITEJ SA will be on the road this January, meeting with theatre-makers, performers, schools, teachers and principals, in open forum discussions to be held in Durban and Bloemfontein on 20 and 22 January, respectively.

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  • Invasion
    Every now and then I get completely absorbed by a tiny natural drama, and there is one playing out in my house at the moment. I am morbidly fascinated, and revolted and intrigued. I hate flies. Summer, five animals that live in our house, and cat and dog food means a lot of flies. I […]
  • The Missing Voice
    This post is my first in this series of tandem blog posts with other bloggers. Brett Anderson gave seven of us this title about a week ago, and I have had a million distracting ideas about stories I wanted to write, moments I thought could be this post, things that happened to me that reminded […]
  • February Improv Line up
      Brett made this fabulous flyer for our February line-up. Choose a night, or even more than one, and join us.
  • A couple of simple Uber stories
    Yesterday I was driven around. I Ubered to the airport with the lovely Ngoni, was transferred to my workshop in Durban by the charming Nhlanhla, who fetched me again to take me back to the airport once I was done, and then Tarisai Ubered me home. I wasn’t feeling well which made me doubly happy […]
  • Random thoughts while being sick on a flight back home from running a workshop with full blown gastro
    Warning – Not for the squeamish It takes forever for the last couple of rows to get their drinks Air hostesses are terrified of nausea You know things are really bad when you have enough time in the bathroom to notice the decommissioned ashtray, in the loo. You move from your perfectly fantastic aisle seat near […]

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