The festive season is in full swing at the Baxter Theatre Centre, ready to bring a smile and laughter to local and visiting audiences, with three comedy productions by some of the Mother City’s top funny men dominating the summer line-up during December and January, as well as a brand-new children’s show and a New Year’s Eve party to herald in 2015.

Thursday, 27 November 2014 15:47

Pedro the Music Man in The Castle of Silence

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Pedro ‘the Music Man’ Espi Sanchis presents a new show to delight young and old audiences alike for the holiday season. The Castle of Silence has its South African premiere at the Kalk Bay Community Centre Hall from 13 December to 10 January at 2.30pm.

My Forever Friend, a new play for young children about the importance of friendship and self-esteem, at the Baxter this festive season.

If you love that Celtic sound and feel like some guid Scottish humour, then button up your fly, grip onto your trouser belt and get yourself down to Cape Town’s Rosebank Theatre for Whar’s yer troosers.

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