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To mark the 20th anniversary of legendary South African theatre-maker Barney Simon’s passing, the Baxter Theatre Centre is restaging his riveting docudrama ‘Born in the RSA’ in Grahamstown this year.

Tobacco, and the Harmful Effects Thereof, with Andrew Buckland and Toni Morkel, directed by Sylvaine Strike, at the Baxter this May and June

Magnet Theatre presents 3 brand new works and an exhibition of a professional stage design project. This program has been developed with the 3 Expanded Public Works Program interns who have been with Magnet Theatre since August 2014.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015 12:05

DUT presents the musical Oliver this March

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DUT starts the year with a musical flurry – staging the iconic Lionel Bart evergreen, Oliver! based on the Charles Dickens classical novel, which comes to the DUT Courtyard Theatre from 22 – 28 March 2015.

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