The search for some of the best talent in the Western Cape is on as the Zabalaza mini festivals hit eight regions across the province over the next few weeks. This year the Baxter’s highly popular Zabalaza Theatre Festival celebrates six years of the best in development theatre in the Western Cape and in South Africa.

The 2015 DUT Children’s Theatre Festival profiles award-winning playwright Neil Coppen and will feature four plays all penned by him, to be staged at the Courtyard Theatre at DUT on 18 September and again from 21 – 23 September 2015.

The Baxter Theatre Centre will showcase three productions from 24 September to 3 October at this year’s Cape Town Fringe. All three productions were performed to great success at the Baxter’s Zabalaza Theatre Festival which was held in March.

This year’s programme features more women in an effort to amplify female voices in the theatrical, performing and visual arts. This year’s National Arts Festival – which runs from 2 to 12 July – not only features a number of strong and visible women in most genres, but also numerous productions and exhibitions that interrogate and question fixed thinking in relation to gender more broadly.

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