Theatre at its most powerful when Thembi Mtshali-Jones takes to the Baxter stage in A Woman in Waiting, created and directed by Yael Farber. Distinguished stage, television and film actress Thembi Mtshali-Jones returns to the Baxter stage in her solo tour-de-force A Woman in Waiting, directed by Yael Farber. Performances are in the Golden Arrow Studio from 25 September to 12 October, at 8.15pm nightly and the matinee is at 2pm on 28 September.

For the second consecutive year, audiences at the National Arts Festival dipped their hands in their wallets to show appreciation to South African artists who can no longer perform due to illness or infirmity.

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The Montagu youth arts festival - 7th to 17th August 2013

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From the 7th to 17th August 2013, the annual Montagu Music, Art, Dance and Drama Festival (M.M.A.D.D) takes place in the picturesque town of Montagu in the Klein Karoo, on Route 62. M.M.A.D.D draws talent mainly from Primary, High School and Tertiary education institutions in Cape Town and the surrounding areas, including Port Elizabeth, Mossel Bay, Worcester and George.

The Last Show premiered at Johannesburg's POPArt in September 2012, and due to the demand by the public it will return for a limited run on Thursday 20 June before the cast head off to the National Arts Festival, where they will be performing daily at 2:00pm at The Drill Hall in Hill Street.

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Undermined at Kalk Bay Theatre

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