The Baxter Theatre Centre is delighted to launch the fourth annual Zabalaza Theatre Festival, which runs from 7 to 14 March 2014, and plays across four different theatre spaces in a celebration of the power of theatre to connect, entertain and educate.

A new play, Passage, which tackles what it means to be a good man in SA today, is on at the Baxter for a short season this March. Emerging young director Thando Doni and his cast of five actors tackle the question of what it means to be a good man in South Africa today with a brand new play, Passage, at the Baxter Flipside for a short season from 4 to 22 March at 11am (for schools) and 6pm (public performances).

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Going Gooding going to Kalk Bay

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If you…looked forward to ‘Squad Cars, knew what the next best thing to a Lexington was, thought BJ was a cool name for a Prime Minister, skeemed Scope was good literature…then you’ll definitely smaak Going Gooding!

A new South African love story and political thriller. Intrigue, deception and betrayal at the Baxter in the world premiere of John Kani’s latest play, Missing … As South Africa marks 20 years of democracy Missing …, the latest play by esteemed South African actor, director and playwright John Kani, will have its world premiere at the Baxter Theatre from 4 March until 29 March at 8pm nightly.

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  • Last night I went to Artscape again, making it two nights in a row, to see another of the season of new writing’s offerings, Chomi. And it was an absolute treat being in the audience. The play is a young, black, gay, South African stage version of Friends/Sex And the City and it was cute […]

  • A lovely thing about the Artscape Season of New Writing is the energy, time, money and commitment given to brand new work. Thank you Artscape for these many years of actively growing local theatre. Last night was my turn to see Wessel Pretorius’ Undone (previously ONT in Afrikaans). And it was very, very, very good. […]

  • The cute documentary that Pascale Neuschäfer made about me and improv.

  • Sue MacLaine was totally fabulous last night in her piece Still Life, where we the audience were expected to draw her as she spoke and posed and kept silent and whispered wonderful things and explored an emotional range of being totally present that was huge and special and, most importantly, unusual. It is really exciting […]

  • Violet Online has been a joyous surprise. Granted, I don’t need to do the hard work of going on stage every night, being the director. Lovely Lynita Crofford has managed that very nicely, thank you very much. The surprise hasn’t even been how well received the work has been, even though it has, with two […]