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Cape Town Fringe gets physical

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Artists taking part in the inaugural Cape Town Fringe festival are putting their bodies – and hearts – on the line in a wide-range of physical theatre and performance art productions, set to run from 25 September 5 October.

At a definitive time of South Africa’s 20 years old democracy, Thando Doni is focusing on exploring the views, struggles and triumphs of the country’s youth. The play explores aspirations and identity in the context of being young in an evolving democracy. As the title Ukhanyo (I am the light of the world) suggests; through finding their light this play gives voice to the youth of South Africa.

Lara Foot’s latest play, Fishers of Hope (Taweret), explores the meaning of hope in Africa at the National Arts Festival and Baxter this July


KBT Productions presents the Cape Town premiere of the acclaimed adaptation of Paul Gallico’s The Snow Goose.   It will be performed at Kalk Bay Theatre from 5 to 28 June at 8pm.

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