At a definitive time of South Africa’s 20 years old democracy, Thando Doni is focusing on exploring the views, struggles and triumphs of the country’s youth. The play explores aspirations and identity in the context of being young in an evolving democracy. As the title Ukhanyo (I am the light of the world) suggests; through finding their light this play gives voice to the youth of South Africa.

Lara Foot’s latest play, Fishers of Hope (Taweret), explores the meaning of hope in Africa at the National Arts Festival and Baxter this July


KBT Productions presents the Cape Town premiere of the acclaimed adaptation of Paul Gallico’s The Snow Goose.   It will be performed at Kalk Bay Theatre from 5 to 28 June at 8pm.


The Fugard Theatre's The Rocky Horror Show returns to Cape Town by massive, popular demand and Terence Bridgett joins the madness for the first 3 weeks only!

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  • My wonderful little road show has brought me to Newcastle. Granted, we drove straight to our designation, a private hospital, where we are hosting another ward hostess Angel party, saying thank you to the usually invisible, but it is my first time in this neck of the woods. I have driven past signs that said […]

  • This is the story I entered for the first round of the NYC Midnight flash fiction challenge. It needed to be under 1000 words, I was in group 1, which meant the genre was suspense, location was a dark alley and the object to include was chocolate milk. Mr Trusty Synopsis: Painters open a door […]

  • This is what wonderful work I have been doing. I have been giving ‘parties of thanks’ to Ukweza Ward Hostesses, the people who work in hospitals, taking food orders and giving food and refreshments to patients. It is a thankless job, and instead of doing ‘hard’ training, we are doing informal gatherings to say thank […]

  • I thought I would reflect on last week’s 3 improv shows that I performed at the Alexander Bar, all by myself, but with Candice D’Arcy in the wings and full houses of fabulous audience. It was called I Could Go On, because I could, and did, and it was a loose enough title for absolutely […]

  • I am having one of those days. Some days the news fills me with a riotous outrage and I end up cursing, writing radical (and often alienating) facebum updates and tweets, starting or signing petitions (even though I know their valuelessness) and looking for places to vent. Today is not one of those days. Today […]